Review - E-Town Live

Artist: Various artists

E-Town Live
Label: E-Town
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: E-Town Live

Sunday morning listeners of Orlando's 98.9 FM-WMMO know about "E-Town" -- an environmentally-aware, socially-conscious live variety show from Boulder, Colo. "E-Town Live" is a diverse collection of performances ranging from Ani DiFranco's avant-folk to the music of Madagascar's Tarika.

Top performances on this disc include Joan Osborne's emotive "St. Theresa," James Taylor's warm, soothing voice on "Copperline," and a soulful 1994 solo acoustic performance by the late Ted Hawkins. Zachary Richard contributes "Sunset on Louisianne," a Springsteen-style lamentation about blue-collar life in Louisiana, and Lyle Lovett's "L.A. County" starts sing-songy but becomes more melodically interesting when Peter Rowan joins in on vocals.

(The CD is available exclusively through E-town; (303) 44E-TOWN.)