Review - Pleasure Yourself

Artist: Kirlian


Kirlian is the disco-dork persona of New York techno producer Abe Duque. Flipping through the liner that depicts Duque in his Queens neighborhood hanging with friends and digitally-inserted topless women, I didn't know whether to laugh or write this off.

Kirlian's stoned-out techno is often too slow and laid-back for dancing -- something you might listen to when you just want to chill. The first four tracks of "Pleasure Yourself" are purely disposable, boring beat-box rhythms and cheesy synth noodlings. Things heat up halfway through the disc via the heady acid-effects of "?" and the dub-like "Mission," which would be perfect backdrops for a modern-day opium den.

The CD ends with "Endorsements," a five-minute composition of underground DJs saying "I pleasure myself" on Duque's answering machine. I'm still not sure I get it.