Review - Providing the Atmosphere

Artist: Cloudberry Jam


Hey, who invited these wacky Swedes to our cocktail party? From the requisite funky use of brown on the ultra-groovy cover right down to the hepcat jumpsuits you know they have stashed away somewhere, "Providing the Atmosphere" does exactly what their name suggests -- particularly if the atmosphere you seek is equal parts Combustible Edison and Mike Curb Congregation.

There's nothing wildly original here -- it's just another highly enjoyable retro-cocktail band with a stylish Euro twist and the occasional subversive sound effect. If they played Orlando, they'd go over equally well at the Sapphire Supper Club or the Langford Hotel (which may say more about us than them).

Add this to your "hip, yet non-offensive" CD set for times when you have to share your workspace. Cloudberry Jam is lounge music with a pulse, driving music for convertibles and Muzak for the raver generation.