Review - Gently Down the Stream

Artist: Come


The brevity of Come's previous album, the 32-minute "Near Life Experience," was bemoaned by critics and fans alike. There are no such worries on the Boston band's latest recording, which clocks in generously at over an hour.

"Gently Down the Stream" is frequently intense and ferocious, losing no momentum during the length of the album. Minor chords, gritty vocals and growling guitar duets raise the specter of Nirvana, but the comparison is unfair. Although the two albums could not be more different stylistically, "Stream" is comparable to Radiohead's "OK Computer" in the former's creation of an atmosphere as dense and inescapable as a roomful of noxious gas.

Music should infect the brain, and Come's latest material does just that. Tracks like "Recidivist" and "Sorry Too Late" fill the listener's consciousness to the point of bursting. "Gently Down the Stream" may not always drive you, but it never loses you, either.