Review - At Rope's End

Artist: New Bomb Turks


The latest recording from Ohio's New Bomb Turks further explores territory mined earlier this decade by bands like San Diego's Rocket From the Crypt, who helped revive the basic-rock approach to punk. Underneath the distortion generated by guitarist Jim Weber or the occasional shriek courtesy of frontman Eric Davidson, the garage sound kicks in from the get-go and doesn't end until the fade out of the final cut.

While the first few songs tend to start and finish the same way (fast, hard and repetitive), the heart of this CD starts with the lost-love theme of "Veronica Lake." The upbeat, sax-heavy "Defiled" follows, relating a tale of lost religion before segueing into power-ballad territory. The piano-infected "Bolan's Crash" slows the pace momentarily, while the heavy-guitar downstrokes of "Aspirin Aspirations" -- a George Thorogoodesque statement of male bravado -- nicely rounds out the album.

While New Bomb Turks aficionados will be pleased, the stripped-down sound of "At Rope's End" has something for punk, grunge and metal fans alike.