Review - Starmaker

Artist: Julie Plug


With the glut of fine female pop on the market these days, it is only desperation that keeps bands like Julie Plug forming, recording and ultimately getting nowhere. There is nothing -- not a damn thing -- wrong with this record; indeed, it's catchier than many I could name. But ever since the Lilith Fair tour (and before it, for that matter), we've been drowning in soft and sexy female-vocal power-pop. I don't know about you but I'm going down for the count.

While "Starmaker" does not hurt for polish or poppiness, this is a gold mine the Blake Babies, the Darling Buds, the Heartthrobs, the Katydids and many others have worked almost bone dry. Songs like "In Every Corner," "Devoted" and the delightful "Listening to Astrud" (among others) would have been real charmers a year ago. Good album, bad timing.