Review - Telegraph

Artist: Richard Davies

Label: Flydaddy
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Telegraph

Transplanting Australians to the U.S. can be a dicey prospect -- remember Crocodile Dundee and Yahoo Serious? Sometimes it works out rather well, as evidenced by pop-rock singer/songwriter Richard Davies' second solo LP, "Telegraph."

Davies wrote these songs while living in the woods of upstate New York, leaving his roots far behind for this haunting and melodic album. The strongest cut is the dynamic, yet suppressed "Papillon." The sad "Main Street Electrical Parade" tells the story of the closing down of the Disneyland phenomenon, while "Surface of the Sun" is reminiscent of the Beatles at their melodic best. In fact, many of the songs have that McCartney-Lennon feel to them, although Davies has created a sound all his own. A background in Australian orchestral pop and baroque stylings tend to do that to a guy.