Review - The Seraphim Fall

Artist: Bloodlet

The Seraphim Fall
Label: Victory Records
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: The Seraphim Fall

Central Florida hardcore veterans Bloodlet have developed a much more technical approach on their third full-length CD for Victor Records, "The Seraphim Fall." But the band sacrifices no musical integrity, while adding more time and key changes to their overall brutal and precise approach.

Many old-school, traditional hardcore fans can't (or won't) relate to Bloodlet's state-of-the art heaviness, since it is such a departure from their earlier, more metallic material. The change in style can be attributed to the fact that the band used two guitarists on their last two recordings. While not so different as to be unrecognizable, the single-guitar attack is definitely a fresh approach.

The song "Dogman with Worm" will likely alienate some folks in the beginning with its slow, almost balladlike start. In the end it becomes typical, demonic-sounding Bloodlet. In fact, from the feedback-drenched opener, "Military," to the final, 30-minute cut, "Your Hours," Bloodlet's overdriven hardcore makes a stand for true vision and integrity in any kind of musical expression.