Review - She Could Be a Spy

Artist: Swingerhead


Swing music is about attitude. It is about showmanship. It is about a horn section letting loose and a drummer that is not afraid to play bass with his sticks. Sometimes it is difficult to transfer all of these elements onto a recording. The horns may seem understated, the solos too short and nobody has big hair.

Yet Orlando's own Swingerhead has released an album that kicks ass and takes names later. The 12 original cuts are written almost exclusively by the elegantly coiffed front-man, Michael Andrew. His golden voice comes across well, as does the band's horn section. Some extra musicians not usually seen at Swingerhead shows are used on the album. The additional horns, strings, vibes and Hammond organ give the CD a fuller sound.

Songs range from the soon-to-be dance anthems "Swing Out" and "He Just Wants to Cha Cha" to the more lounge-oriented title track and "Let's Rendezvous." Swingerhead appears to be moving toward a bright future, and if the music on "She Could Be a Spy" is any indication, that future is coming up fast.