Review - Mezzanine

Artist: Massive Attack


Massive Attack is a band that renders absurd any attempts at categorization. You can find their albums in the dance sections of record shops, and they were one of the first acts to be tagged with the term "trip-hop." But Massive Attack's big beats and hallucinogenic grooves are subsumed into something grander than what could be described as dance music. You may dance to "Mezzanine," but you could just as well cry, brood, muse or make love to it before penetrating its emotional boundaries.

Much like last year's media darlings Radiohead (with whom they are currently collaborating), Massive Attack map the dangerous regions of the human heart -- and find the world both brighter and more menacing in the process. Why you wanna take me to this party ... I got to leave, growls Daddy G. in "Risingson." Strange, thrilling, fearsome and graced by cerebral guest vocals by Liz Frazer of the Cocteau Twins on the effervescent "Teardrop," "Mezzanine" is like a buzz you just can't shake: good for dancing at parties or for scoring your own solo-cerebral excursions.