Review - Far Places

Artist: The Push Kings


Power pop is back and couldn't be better than in the hands of Boston's The Push Kings. The mop-topped band is being promoted as an antidote to the Seattle sounds, shoe-gazing and punk rehashes that have dominated the charts for most of the '90s. "Far Places," their second album, packs heavy hooks, high-school preoccupations and a sunny disposition into 12 catchy, inoffensive tunes.

Songs such as "Take Me Home" would have made great b-sides for singles from "Rubber Soul" or at least theme music for "Friends." "The Girl Who Only Loves Candy" conjures up the ghost of Badfinger with angelic harmonies, and "3012" goes gospel with a Hammond organ and revival chorus. If The Push Kings aren't your thing, head for the hills. This could be the future of modern rock.

Editor's note: While CD Now offers an imported Japanese edition of this CD with two bonus tracks, the domestic release is available or can be ordered through independent record stores in the area .