Review - A Go Go

Artist: John Scofield

A Go Go
Label: Verve
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: A Go Go

John Scofield is one of the few instrumentalists able to cut a swath through Medeski, Martin and Wood's thicket of earthy rhythms and morphing keyboard textures. "A Go Go" is the hotly anticipated meeting between the jazz-fusion six-stringer and the New York City groove monsters.

Organist John Medeski, drummer Billy Martin and bassist Chris Wood prove as entrancing as ever on what amounts to a relentless, album-length festival of funk. Melodic manna shows up in the bluesy contours and slithering lead lines of "Boozer," the acoustic-edged "Jeep on 35," the oddly melancholy "Green Tea" and "Deadzy" -- a ballad with a swampy bottom that drops out midway through the tune.

Squiggles, gurgles and scratches ooze like clockwork from Medeski's arsenal of otherworldly sounds, and Scofield is there at every turn to slice chunks out of the muck.