Review - Orange Avenue

Artist: Seven Mary Three


On their follow-up to 1997's "Rock Crown," Seven Mary Three distinguish themselves from their Southeastern-pop peers with an aural road trip that begins with their characteristic grunge sound.

There are plenty of radio-friendly cuts such as the blistering "Peel" and the hook-laden "Over Your Shoulder" and "Chasing You." Singer Jason Ross adds heartbreaking drama to "Each Little Mystery" under a light dusting of acoustic guitars and rhythmic cello. That song is quickly countered by the funked-up '60s rock groove of "In-Between." "Southwestern State" benefits largely from Ross' emotion-choked vocals and "Devil's Holy Joke" is a softly contemplative piece that builds into a honey-glazed, acoustic-jam session that ends too abruptly.

But don't press "stop" -- the bonus track, a delta-blues rock trip, stands out as the CD's most rewarding tune and completes a trip worth repeating.