Review - Rafiâ??s Revenge

Artist: Asian Dub Foundation


A recent quip making the rounds about British politically minded rockers Asian Dub Foundation was that they probably chewed tacks for fun. A perusal of "Rafi's Revenge" -- an album worthy of appreciation but frequently hard to enjoy -- will help listeners understand the joke.

True, "Rafi's Revenge's" fusion of breakbeats, drum & bass, punk and Indian folk music is a brilliant combination. "Naxalite," "Buzzin" and "Black White" will induce much booty-shaking in the name of justice. But the rhetorical and musical assault becomes routine soon after this inspired beginning. As a whole, "Rafi's Revenge" is unrelenting, a maelstrom of wild beats and spitfire rapping. It has the metabolism of a hummingbird -- and leaves you feeling devoured.