Review - Docâ??s Da Name 2000

Artist: Redman


Redman's latest album isn't groundbreaking, but the herb-fixated rapper's artistic goals never seemed as much about new forms as they were about tearing the roof off the existing sucker. The funky "Doc's Da Name 2000" is a qualified success based on its booty-shaking grooves alone. Redman throws down more than his fair share of the obligatory bitches-and-blunts rhymes, but he seems to be having a good time earning his Benjamins. And if his braggadocio gives LL Cool J a run for his money, he mellows it by not being afraid to be goofy.

He waxes vulnerably about the IQ-reducing effects of his favorite plant over the tough beats of "Jersey Yo!" Method Man's guest appearance on "Well All Rite Cha" and Busta Rhymes' turn on "Da Goodness" help the album gain momentum before it settles into the eclectic groove of "Down South Funk" and the older-than-old-school "Beet Drop." Redman probably won't win any Grammys with his if-it-ain't-broke-don't-fix-it style, but his position as a mainstay of straight-up hip-hop seems assured.