Review - Post Global Music

Artist: Aerial M


Dave Pajo, a.k.a. Aerial M, has worked with intellectual underground post-rock bands such as Slint, Tortoise and Stereolab. Whatever. Aerial M creates a hypnotic, soft-rhythm, minimalist milieu, and for "Post Global Music" he allows four distinct artists to take cracks at remixing his compositions. Though "Post Global Music" may be a jab at the ambiguous "post-rock" moniker, this is indeed sophisticated instrumental music informed by a rock sensibility, possessing a quasi-ambient quality -- in a post-classical kind of way.

Though it's hard to discern where one mix ends and another begins, this disc flows from the resolutely funky to the spontaneously jazzy and on to the blatantly experimental. Whether building up or stripping down the themes, studio rats Flacco and DJ Your Food successfully tinker with Pajo's sonic templates. Jazz-progsters Tied & Tickled Trio merely add sax and upright bass to the rhythm track, while Bundy K. Brown incorporates a mini-history of Pajo's output.