Review - Chapter 1: A New Beginning

Artist: The Moffats


Although highly talented, teen-pop sensation The Moffatts' "Chapter 1: A New Beginning" didn't exactly get my defunct pubescent hormones raging. These four Canadian brothers already have a few albums behind them, including a self-titled country recording, but none have been released in the United States. With no sidemen or back-up singers, they support their own musical weight. The Moffatt triplets and an older brother combine vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, bass, congas, drums and keyboards for a perky pop sound.

Among the winners on this just-released full-length American debut (already an international smash hit), there's the catchy-as-they-come "Until You Loved Me" (also on the "Never Been Kissed" soundtrack), as well as the Hanson-style "I'll Be There For You" and the upbeat "Say'n I Love U." Many an allowance will be spent on The Moffatts' light but fun tunes.