Review - Freedumb

Artist: Suicidal Tendencies

Label: Side 1 Dummy Recordings
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Freedumb

After breaking up with the Epic label and each other, a reassembled Suicidal Tendencies has finally released their first album in five years. On "Freedumb," the fusion of original band members with new talent (courtesy of Infectious Grooves) results in fast-paced punk-rock crashing with manic bass and drums.

"Cyco Vision" and "We are Family" are among the aggressors. The title track contains the expected hostile verbiage, "Truth is hard to sell but I know what goes over well/ Lies are cheap and free so the profit margin works exceptionally." "Naked" exposes Suicidal's sense of paradoxical humor. The only slow track, "Heaven," brings this hard/fast album to a screeching halt, leaving you wanting more from the "cyco" realm.