Review - Here Comes the Bride

Artist: Spin Doctors


The Spin Doctors have regrouped with another dose of pop-funk fusion on "Here Comes the Bride." This foursome went from megaplatinum to being dropped from their first label. Still smarting from industry whiplash, singer Chris Barron and drummer Aaron Comess return with new band members Ivan Neville (keys), Carl Carter (bass) and Eran Tabib (guitar) in tow. The result? A slightly refined yet fun sound that is different from previous efforts.

"Vampires in the Sun" has a Latin underpinning, and the tropical feel of "Wow" invokes reggae riddims. "The Man" explores hip-hop textures. The Doctors get biblical on "Key to the Kingdom." "Diamond" shines with the classic Spin Doctors sound. The album closes with a notable acoustic track, "Tomorrow Can Pay the Rent." (There's a hidden track -- "Let's Try Again" -- that isn't much of a bonus.) "Here Comes the Bride" is a well-rounded, free spirit of a record.