Review - Significant Other

Artist: Limp Bizkit

Significant Other
Label: Flip/Interscope
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Significant Other

Most people wonder what happens to a band after their first album. Usually, somebody pipes up with the comment, "This isn't anything like their first CD." With that said, Limp Bizkit's second album, "Significant Other," doesn't really sound like the first CD. In fact, It sounds better. Bursting with more hip-hop flavor, "Other" shows that the Bizkit is far from being a one-hit wonder. Fred Durst doesn't scream as much as he did on "Three Dollar Bill Y'all$," but he still retains the same fuck-you attitude.

Along for the bludgeoning ride are Method Man (Wu-Tang's most talented rapper), Les Claypool (of Primus), Aaron Lewis (of Staind) and globe-headed MTV jock Matt Pinfield (this is not a misprint). "Nookie," "Break Stuff" and "9 Teen 90 Nine" are stand-out bone-crushers while "Show Me What You Got" -- a little rant about Limp Bizkit's favorite places and people -- hangs tough. Even the bonus computer goodies rock hard.