Review - Bigger & Blacker

Artist: Chris Rock


If you've seen Chris Rock do stand-up before, you know what to expect on his latest CD, "Bigger & Blacker." The comedian riffs on the "Black Mall" (a place where "white people used to go to" ), the Trenchcoat Mafia ("Crazy White Kids" ) and even Clinton's sexcapades, calling Hillary to the carpet for not doing her, uh, duty. Nothing is sacred ground for Rock, and that's why he's so entertaining.

Always adventurous, Rock offers a few musical numbers and skits. There's a very shocking remake of the Rolling Stones classic "Brown Sugar" redubbed "Snow Flake" (which carries the refrain "white bitches" ). "No Sex" lets us in on a little secret: No nookie is to be had in the champagne room at the strip club. A bunch of people lent a hand to the project: Ice Cube, Gerald Levert and Biz Markie. Even Ol' Dirty Bastard managed to drop by between arrests. Is Rock's crude humor funny? Yes, indeed.