Review - Flightsafety

Artist: Shannon Wright

Label: Quarterstick Records
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Flightsafety

"Flightsafety" is an intimate, imperfect little acoustic album recorded by Shannon Wright, the former lead singer of Jacksonville's Crowsdell. Feeling betrayed by the music biz and watching Crowsdell disintegrate, Wright retreated from New York to North Carolina and began to compose this intensely personal, dusky song cycle of loss and betrayal.

Backed mainly by her own acoustic guitar and an occasional cello or piano, Wright's husky, moody voice carries these tunes. Both "Floor Pile" and "All These Things" obliquely chronicle the pain of crumbling relationships in graceful waltz-time cadences. "You're the Cup" and the minor-key piano piece "Twilight Hall" maintain the introspective mood of isolation until the bouncy "Captain of Quarantine" hints at redemption -- or at least connection. While parts of "Flightsafety" are weighed down by Wright's sometimes-overwrought lyrics and similar arrangements, the album is a stirring artistic statement that only gets better with repeated listenings.