Review - World Coming Down

Artist: Type O Negative


Type O Negative, the band that lead singer Peter Steele calls "800 pounds of meat that makes a lot of noise," has put together another metal symphony rich with gothic overtones. "World Coming Down," the New York-based group's fourth album, is a frightening look at the world around us. Song titles like "Everyone I Love Is Dead," "Everything Dies" and "All Hallows Eve" continue the tradition of grim visions from the spooky quartet. Also included is "Day Tripper (medley)," a dissection of Beatles material that's destined to scare most Beatlemaniacs, but will no doubt thrill the goth/metal set.

Type O's latest is worth diving into. You have been warned: The world of darkness where these masters of the macabre dwell is not for everyone. But for those who relish tales from the dark side -- your ears will thank you in the morning. Black hair dye and dark clothes optional.