Review - See It Another Way

Artist: Macha


Macha's "See It Another Way" is a subtle example of the necessary musical cross-pollination that keeps the sounds around us vital. The Athens, Ga.-based quartet takes its name from a cautionary Gaelic folk tale and its sound from a mixture of Can's funky drone, Velvet Underground's eerie ambience, indie rock's minor-key introspection, a bit of mid-'80s post-new-wave black magic and a fascination with the music of Indonesia.

Macha's 1998 self-titled debut introduced the entrancing sound of the gamelan and a few other Pacific Rim instrumental touches, all couched in taut, rhythm-based songwriting and breathy, mystic lyrics. "See It Another Way" isn't so much a progression from Macha's sonic equation as it is a document of a band feeling the flow of the river it set out upon. Macha's sublime integration of parallel worlds is sly, and its wandering ways bring us all a little closer.