Review - Scott Ritcher

Artist: Scott Ritcher

Scott Ritcher
Label: Initial Records
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Scott Ritcher

What hasn't Scott Ritcher done? He's owned two record labels, written a book detailing those exploits, ran for mayor of Louisville in 1998 as the Reform Party Candidate, recorded and performed with regional heroes Metroshifter and published the recently resurrected and critically acclaimed K Composite magazine just to name a few of the items on his plate. But somehow he found a way to fit into his schedule the time to write and record this amazing self-titled acoustic solo album.

And apparently, vocals and acoustic guitar are the perfect platform to showcase what a talented singer/songwriter Ritcher really is. I can honestly say that I didn't really expect to like, much less love this record, but Ritcher leaves himself confidently vulnerable with his heart on his sleeve -- all the while proving that a singer/songwriter's simple acoustic record needn't be boring, repetitive or uninventive.