Review - Guerilla

Artist: Super Furry Animals


Super Furry Animals officially sponsored the Cardiff City Football Club, refused to play for the royal family and had a U.K. hit single with "The Man Don't Give a Fuck" (with 50-plus utterances of the f-word). The Welsh wackiness might be off-putting if it weren't for the fact that the third English-speaking full-length, "Guerrilla," is the band's best to date.

They share a similar fondness for the same older records as do weirdo luminaries Elephant 6 and Blur. Psychedelia, the British invaders, prog and orchestrated pop are all vital ingredients. But the Furrys don't stop there; new wave, the Manchester scene and electronica are as important. Somehow the band keeps their chemically altered tongues firmly planted in their cheeks. "Guerrilla" is the sound of classic and modern meeting for a laugh and a pint while exchanging conspiracy theories.