Review - Who Do We Think You Are?

Artist: Trans Am

Who Do We Think You Are?
Label: Spunk Records
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Who Do We Think You Are?

The opening song on Trans Am's tour CD, "Who Do We Think You Are?," mixes vocoder and silly Casio beats as the singer chants "Baby, baby/ what's my name/ I'm the funky guy" in a very unfunky way. This in no way prepares the listener for the loud, droning "Slow Response," a classic Trans Am rocker that finishes with a scorching guitar solo.

For the rest of the CD, Trans Am concentrates on electronics. Mysterious "Surface of the Sun" and ambient "Crystal Lite (Positive Mix)" rely on distorted beats, pulsing synthesizers and treated vocals for a futuristic vibe. Anthemic "Wildwood Flower," another rocker, sounds like a warped version of "The Star Spangled Banner" -- which isn't so out of place considering that, after all, Trans Am is an American band.