Review - Cobra Killer

Artist: Cobra Killer


So what is a "girl group" supposed to sound like in the year 2000? Cobra Killer's radical reinvention of the '60s girl group has kicked off the new musical century with an agitated shout. Comprising Gina D'Orrio and Annika, the Killer ups the ante on the recent cut-and-paste collage-pop of contemporaries and comrades, such as Cibo Mato and, particularly, Kathleen Hanna's Julie Ruin persona. The sampled rumblings support the beguile-and-berate shouts, rants, readings and staccato blasts of vocals that personify the affair.

But behind the kitsch, the volume and the exceedingly short attention span, the Berlin duo crafts a subtler mix of rhythm, noise, beats and assertions that flit away from any funk before the boredom sets in. They've tapped into a vision of a common, chaotic, urban unconscious with the sonic tools of an obsolete man-culture.