Review - Machine Love

Artist: Genitorturers

Machine Love
Label: Cleopatra
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Machine Love

One of Tampa's racier bands, the Genitorturers, fronted by the renown dominatrix Gen, returns with "Machine Love," their second disc for goth-industrial imprint Cleopatra (their third release, overall, in six years). The eight-cut collection contains only four debut tunes; the rest are serviceable remixes of tracks from 1998's "Sin City" by the likes of Dave Ogilvie and KMFDM.

For one of the "new" tunes, Gen and her freaky crew -- guitarist Chains, bassist Evil D and drummer Racci Shay -- resurrect The Divinyls' hit "I Touch Myself," bathing the provocative number in appropriately spooky digital trimmings with mediocre results. The title cut fares much better, sounding like the twisted coupling of the digi-disco of Lords of Acid with the train-wreck guitars of Nine Inch Nails.

Once you get past the lame cover art/packaging, "Machine Love" is a worthwhile pick-up for worshippers of industrial-sleaze-metal.