Review - And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out

Artist: Yo La Tengo


In the course of 15 years, Yo La Tengo has never lost its way. From velvet-soft pop balladry to guitar-based drone/feedback excursions, the band occasionally shifts focus but always hits its target dead-on. While things have gotten smoother in general, guitarist/singer Ira Kaplan and drummer/singer Georgia Hubley are still the most accomplished husband/wife team in rock.

"And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out" shows that Kaplan's got a full grasp on crunching indie-rock/garage-noise, and he knows exactly how to execute multiple layers of ambient dream pop, replete with a hushed vocal croon. Having two distinctly different singers affords the band a wide variety of sounds, but things always end up sounding like Yo La Tengo. Is there a more enduring indie-guitar band in America today?