Review - Chronic Rage Disorder

Artist: Pain Principle

Chronic Rage Disorder
Label: self-released
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Chronic Rage Disorder

Armed with brutal power chords, Grover-like gravelly vocals and tribal drumming, local metal monster Pain Principle has been pummeling Orlando stages for years. "Chronic Rage Disorder," the band's new full-length, captures much of that live ferocity and helps to solidify the group's standing as one of the best metal bands in the Southeast.

The production is superb for an unsigned band. The grab-you guitars, courtesy of John Sutton and Ken Andrews, are right up front where they belong. The able-bodied rhythm section -- Brian Benson (bass) and Mike Mazzonetto (drums) -- chugs along, keeping things tight, crisp and ever-heavy.

Kevin Bullock's vocals are hard to hear in certain parts, making for a minor complaint, but he can sound very strong when he needs to. The highlights are many on this sharp metal spike, including "Godtrip," "King Me," "Pray Me Down" and "Low Man."