Review - Disco & the Halfway House

Artist: Clinton


In 1998, Cornershop brought third-world funk to the masses by combining Tjinder Singh's Punjabi folk noodlings over a mélange of low-wattage hip-hop, reggae and starry-eyed pop. Singh has partnered with another Cornershopper, DJ Ben Ayres, for the side project Clinton.

Whereas Cornershop gave equal time to different musical styles, Clinton revels in pop bric-a-brac dedicated to the source of so much Saturday-night fever. Singh uses some of the tinniest Casio drumbeats and arcade-style keyboards this side of a Ramada Inn lounge to build his catchy, kitschy pop.

It's hard to tell whether Singh is paying homage to disco or parodying it when he declares that he's "throwing hip-hop bricks at your disco biscuits." But who cares when you're having this much fun.