Review - Winners Never Quit

Artist: Pedro the Lion


Never heard of Pedro the Lion? Don't feel out of the loop; the acoustic-based Christian emo outfit hasn't quite found its way to MTV's "Total Request Live" -- at least not yet.

The eight-track "Winners Never Quit," the second full-length, is perhaps the strongest release to date from the Seattle indie band. Ignoring pop sensibility in favor of pure, raw emotion, Pedro the Lion roars with a playlist of rich yet simple melodies and soul-stirring lyrics (about domestic violence, faith and such). Singer-songwriter David Bazan's music oozes with unmatched honesty; it feels absolutely real when he emotes.

The disc opens with Bazan's solo "Slow and Steady" and segues into the more upbeat "Simple Economics" before reverting back to Pedro's more familiar emo roots -- simplistic guitars and lavish vocals lending the songs a sense of spirituality. No matter mainstream acceptance or financial success, Pedro the Lion has put together another winner.