Review - Mirror

Artist: Flying Saucer Attack


With Flying Saucer Attack, British psychedelic drone-rock guitar hero David Pearce continues to refine his distinctly textured sound in no uncertain terms. Throughout his half-dozen releases, Pearce has melded auspiciously fragile folk-song structures with intricate layers of atmospheric guitar stylings.

While the overdubbed presence of acoustic guitar, drum machines and other electronic gizmos allows Pearce the freedom to pursue his lo-fi aesthetic with a minimum amount of human assistance, FSA maintains a high degree of warmth and intimacy.

With walls of shimmering feedback containing whispered vocal meditations, "Mirror's" sound is aurally imposing. FSA connects the dots between early Pink Floyd, My Bloody Valentine, Spacemen 3 and beyond with the simple flick of Pearce's distortion pedal. Otherworldly yet quietly self-contained, Pearce is a sonic voyager like no other.