Review - Stop the Panic

Artist: Luke Vibert & BJ Cole

Stop the Panic
Label: Astralwerks
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Stop the Panic

Isn't it fascinating when younger artists collaborate with older musicians who inspired them to be creative in the first place? Take Luke Vibert and BJ Cole. While Vibert (Wagon Christ, Plug) has established himself at the forefront of British electronica, Cole has lent his unusual pedal-steel-guitar style to a variety of artists for the last 30 years, including Björk, Beck and John Cale.

"Stop the Panic" is an instrumental album that juxtaposes Vibert's progressive electronic programming against Cole's lazy, stratospheric wail, with entertaining results. Using funky drum & bass rhythms and squiggly synthesizers as a solid foundation for Cole's high-lonesome sound, this progressive meeting of the minds is as inspirational as it is unorthodox.

Dreamlike, danceable and a great headphone album, "Stop the Panic" is another step in the grand confluence of modern music-making.