Review - Pennybridge Pioneers

Artist: Millencolin

Pennybridge Pioneers
Label: Epitaph
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Pennybridge Pioneers

Millencolin brings forth their new album "Pennybridge Pioneers," named after the English translation of their hometown of Orebro, Sweden. The new release presents a sound more mature and hard-hitting for the ska-influenced punks, already with five albums under their belt.

Millencolin prepares a pop/punk sound with a few unique characteristics to pull them ahead of the pack. Most notable are Nikola Sarcevic's twangy vocals, which are filtered through creatively translated English lyrics. His topics of lyric choice range from a love for a car in "Fox" to a child's abandonment in "The Ballad."

Although the Mellincolin's music is awful fun, Sarcevic's entertaining rendition of the English language is the real magic.