Review - Brassic Beats USA

Artist: Various artists


"Brassic Beats" is a solid reference guide to British label Skint and its right-place-at-the-right-time entourage of big-beat youngsters -- from the omnipresent Fatboy Slim and Lo Fidelity Allstars, to less obvious label partners Super Collider and the all-girl rock outfit Electrelane.

The chosen artists take you from an afternoon swagger through the city (Midfield General, Sparky Lightbourne), to dance-hall bacchanal (Space Raiders), getting pissed (Dr. Bone), having a late-night curry (Indian Ropeman), crying through 2 a.m. melancholy (Cut La Roc) and sobering up to Sunday-morning realizations (Electrelane).

That Skint could have scripted this album to fit the label so well is testament to the elasticity of the big-beat ethos, which can handle -- or at least throw in its handbag -- dub, ska, hip-hop, trip-hop, rock, disco, house and techno, without missing a beat.