Review - Product

Artist: Buck32


Buck32 is a Melbourne-based band with a good sense of humor and a terrific pop sensibility. The immensely listenable "Product" combines revved-up power-pop with a playful irony that's marked much of post-punk song-making.

"Gravy," the album's cheery sing-along opener, sounds like the Archies run through a turbocharger, while the glammy "Kinda Like" channels early Badfinger. Known for doing Beatles covers live, singer Wes O'Lee does a dead-on John Lennon in the psychedelic "The Socialist" (which got steady play last year on Real Radio 104.1) and lampoons the band in the terrific "What It Was." Although many influences can be heard, from Squeeze to Green Day to the Raspberries, Buck32 is distinctly their own. "I don't care for Almond Joy, Captain Crunch or corduroy," says O'Lee in the jangly "Stupid Little Kid," but Buck32 has a Product that should be flying off the shelves.