Off to a good start

Movie: Love & Sex

Our Rating: 0.00

There's truth in advertising with "Love and Sex," Valerie Breiman's feature-film debut as director and writer -- and that's a good thing. Although we're first introduced to the single Kate Welles (Famke Janssen) at her frustrating job as a writer for "Monique" magazine (read Cosmo or any other of the lot), her current task finds Kate exploring her mess of a love life to try to find some truth to inject into her puff writing assignment. From there on out there are attempts at love, lots of sex, and lots to laugh at and with.

As Kate's on-again/off-again lover Adam, stocky Jon Favreau is a perfectly odd match for the lean and lanky Janssen, and they both whip up a chemistry that is undeniably real. Just as in "Swingers," Favreau shows his stuff as the heir apparent to Woody Allen and Albert Brooks, with superb comic timing and a nebbish vulnerability. Janssen also proves to be an adept comedian.

Glimpses at the men who have come in and out of Kate's life are extremely funny, particularly Joey (Josh Hopkins), a B-movie actor whose got the looks but lacks the brains. "Friends" star David Schwimmer also has a humorous cameo.

"Love and Sex" may not be a ground-breaking effort (the initial episodes of "Ally McBeal" and HBO's "Sex and the City" seem to have lent inspiration), but Breiman's freshman directorial outing is a fresh, breezy, laugh-out-loud examination of the modern-day mating ritual from a decidedly female point of view.