Review - Pop Trash

Artist: Duran Duran

Pop Trash
Label: Hollywood Records
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Pop Trash

Some will likely scowl at Duran Duran's latest glam-pop opus, "Pop Trash," the band's 13th release in a 20-year career that's both touched the teen-dream sky and dug into the dinosaur grave. But there's a shiny 15-minutes-of-fame irony that accompanies this new collection of what sounds like vintage LeBon/Rhodes champagne party fare, fizzing with conversational overstatement ("When love is real/ like a flower loves a bee ...," from "Someone Else Not Me" ) and sloshing with the postmodern decadence that made the boys wild in the '80s ("got to make it to the party/ socialize, break the ice," seethes the hallucinogenic "Lady Xanax" ).

No pop is left unrocked, as Duran Duran pursue their most ambitious style-tour recording to date, slowing it down for symphonic flourish on "The Sun Doesn't Shine Forever" only to kick it back out for a Blade Runner-esque, cock-rock finish of "The Last Day on Earth."

One of the MTV generation's favorite indulgences have taken a drink and indulged themselves.