Review - Sex and the City. Music From the HBO Series

Artist: Various artists


"Sex Bomb," the pelvic-thrusting creation by diehard disco-crooner Tom Jones, opens the disc inspired by HBO's hit series "Sex in the City." But while the song does justice to the subject matter on which the show is based, the mood it evokes is more like an inspirational mantra for a stage-fright-stricken drag queen than the raison d'être for a New York City sophisticate.

The mix of material on "City" is about as eclectic it gets: an hour-plus musical cruise down a hormonal highway, with all roads leading to love (or at least the act of making it). From the sassy demands of Missy Elliott's hip-hop hit "Hot Boyz" to the longing lyrics of Joan Osborne's "Righteous Love," one can happily oscillate between the pumped-up-party-girl and depressed-but-dynamic-diva without ever changing the CD. Aimee Mann's soothingly jaded cut "Calling it Quits" bores a nice little hole in the mound of cheese this collection sits on.