Review - What You Whispered

Artist: David Wilcox

What You Whispered
Label: Vanguard
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: What You Whispered

The title track of "What You Whispered" is a prelude to what unfolds as a smooth and compelling folk album. The guitar is the key here, fueling David Wilcox's soothing acoustic sound. In "This Tattoo," simple, poetic lyrics focus on themes of identity and freedom. "Start With the Ending" is an optimistic look at love, advising the listener to "start with the ending/ get it out of the way."

But Wilcox is not flawless: "The Inside of My Head" humor-ously psychoanalyzes that "this could be a room with a view, but ... ," then he elaborates on the things preventing his sanity.

With "What You Whispered," Wilcox shows why his storytelling and songwriting skills brought him acclaim (and a major-label deal) in the '80s, all the while exploring unlimited subjects, including growth and relationships, set to soft-feel rhythms.