Review - Live at the Fillmore

Artist: Cypress Hill

Live at the Fillmore
Label: Columbia Records
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Live at the Fillmore

After a couple of hardly formidable and flat-out disappointing releases, Cypress Hill returns to its roots with "Live at the Fillmore," a greatest hits of sorts recorded in San Francisco. A nonstop barrage of Cypress classics, "Fillmore," if anything, does prove that despite their creative collapse, the "Soul Assassins" clan can still exude the illest of performances. Bonging out of the gates with the intrepidly violent "Hand on the Pump," B-Real later elicits fans to chant instinctively along to "Pigs." The buds even pimp their best impression of Rage Against the Machine in the metal-amped version of "Cock the Hammer."

"Fillmore" is a fan's delight, and when B-Real and Sen Dog spew fresh lyrical content to "Insane in the Brain" ("Insane in the brain like Kurt Cobain"), it only fuels the energy for more nasally rhymes. So how did Northern California get so lucky? Easy, notes B-Real: "You guys grow the greenest weed." We all have our priorities.