Review - Easy

Artist: Cowboy Mouth

Like or hate 'em, Cowboy Mouth gives you a taste of almost everything during the course of an album -- shimmering, AOR-ready pop, roaring adolescent rockers with thudding backbeats, snippets of hip-hop, scream-along choruses -- all glazed with a winking irony that warns not to take any of it too seriously. This fearlessness has made for some great songs as well as some terrifically uneven albums. "Easy" continues the formula of formulalessness.

The title track is a propulsive, crashing rocker that showcases Fred LeBlanc's muscular drumming. That's followed by the Harvey Dangeresque "I Know It Shows" and slinky "Everything You Do," which features clunkers like "I hate the way I love you/ and I love the way you hate me" like they're gospel. But just when Easy starts getting a bit too precious, the band responds with grandiose, bitter pill of "Let Me Hold It Open." Easy is anything but.