Review - Cultural Starvation, The Second Coming

Artist: Beef Wellington


Bubbling up from Orlando's underground, producer Beef Wellington's second helping of futuristic hip-hop and R&B grooves -- "Cultural Starvation, The Second Coming" -- is a melange for the masses. Returning for "Second"s is executive producer/MC Swamburger, who deftly articulates verses with an accelerated delivery that projects listeners far beyond East Coast/West Coast limitations. It's jazz intensified by futuristic, "Deep Space 9"-style splashes of piano and synthesizer (courtesy of Chris Davis). It's R&B seduced by the sultry strains of vocalists Melissa Mya and Alex Sarton. It's all brought to a full boil by well-placed beats and superb production by Beef.

"Boys & Girls" is a rich, funky concoction fired with enthusiastic wails emanating from Philip Martin's saxophone. Swamburger and Sarton combine talents on "Threes," their subdued pipes blending into an effectual, tranquilized groove. Alluring and aesthetically pleasing, the home-brewed "The Second Coming" is soothing enough to satisfy and worthy of repeated plays.