Review - Things We Lost in the Fire

Artist: Low


Heavy-lidded rockers Low offer another dose of minimalism with "Things We Lost in the Fire," their sixth. As is their wont in the Minnesota trio's Robitussin-laden state, guitars strum slowly and melodies descend deliberately -- or sometimes, as on "Whitetail," get frighteningly close to a four-note droning chant. It's hypnotic, all right, and Low isn't trying to pull the woolly blankets over our eyes, because the songs come with enough detail to reward careful listening, at times blooming with piano and strings that add resonance.

Still, one has to be of the mindset that a slightly fuzzy guitar, pleasant harmonies and a few changes in volume make for a rewarding experience. Low's internalized landscape is the antithesis of modern-rock bombast, with its studio tricks and vocal flourishes. Some might call Low's songs lulling, but others might just nod off.