Review - Double Dealin'

Artist: Lucky Peterson


Lucky Peterson, a former Tampa Bay-area resident now based in Texas, is a monster singer, guitarist and Hammond B3 organ player, as well as a charismatic, electrifying performer. So why hasn't he climbed to the top of the heap in the blues world? Blame it on unfocused management, personal demons or the winds of fate.

Peterson, 36, a child star three decades ago, undeniably has the goods for break-out success, as demonstrated on "Double Dealin'," his ninth album. It's a smartly varied set, from the bruising Chicago-style blues of the title track, pumped up with a stinging, showy six-string lead, to the Lone Star shuffle of the closing "Remember the Day." Lucky tries on some funky New Orleans R&B with "Mercenary Baby" and "Doin' Bad, Feelin' Good," both penned by Jon Cleary, the CD's keyboard pounder. Lucky strikes. Again.