Review - Destroy the New Rock

Artist: Big in Japan

Destroy the New Rock
Label: Honest Don's
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Destroy the New Rock

Picking up where others have either given up on their youth or sold out to the acoustic guitar, Big in Japan delivers a punk-rock baby screaming with the intensity of a "Dookie"-era Green Day. Man, is this a great record. The elements are here for ensuring "Destroy the New Rock's" adolescent adoration, including riff-shooting guitars, breakneck drums, highly effectual pop hooks and a heavy-handed punk attack. The lyrics also toe the party line: puberty plights that explode with the misconceptions of maturity. The lyrics of the title track explain the band's comic-book-like rebellion: "Let's wage war in stereo/ in the name of the old scenario/ show contempt in analog/ in the name of the brand new underdog."

From disc-opener "Dig That Stupid Sound" to closer "Angel Eye," you'll find yourself inevitably tapping your foot or jerking your head to choruses chock-full of "oh, oh, ooh, ooh, yeah yeah's." Truly a great debut from Big in Japan, who might as well call themselves Green Day: The Next Generation.