Review - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Artist: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club


An economically strummed acoustic guitar lays the bed for "Love Burns," the lead-off track of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's eponymous debut CD. As the midtempo ditty continues on its infectious path, ricocheting electric lead lines engulf the echo-treated vocals in a foam of fuzz. The cumulative effect recalls that grand period (OK, it was 1995) when the Stone Roses and Folk Implosion threatened to carry psychedelic rawk over the commercial wall. San Franciscan trio BRMC hews closely to that form for the ensuing 10 songs, hitting nary a pitfall in the process.

Robert Turner's churning, melodic bass is the ace in the hole, with Zep-lite Easternisms and tape effects occasionally flying overhead. Pay close attention to "White Palms" if you still resent the Zombies for breaking up before they could record a cover of "Midnight Rambler." You didn't? Well, now you don't have to.