Review - Vol. 3: New Congo Square

Artist: Los Hombres Calientes: Irvin Mayfield and Bill Summers

Vol. 3: New Congo Square
Label: Basin Street
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Vol. 3: New Congo Square

Try wrapping your head around the range of sounds heard on "Vol. 3: New COngo Square," the third and most ambitious CD to date from the fast-rising Los Hombres Calientes, and you might find yourself hopelessly hooked on the intensity and beauty of its eclectic exchanges. It's a jazz-meets-global-music party of major proportions. Percussionist Bill Summers, trumpeter Irvin Mayfield and their crew took their movable feast of African-derived music all over the world: at home in New Orleans as well as in port cities in Cuba, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic.

Creative post-bop informs "Brother Runnin'" and "Brother Getting Caught" while the lightness and grace of Brazilian music defines "Fantizias de Samba." Soul jazz colors "New Bus Stop (For Curtis Mayfield)." "Foforo Fo Firi" is pure Havana. African music and funk rain down elsewhere. Vol. 3 is an early contender for jazz disc of the year.